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We strongly believe each person was created with a purpose, and Northern Star exists to aid youth and young adults to become successful in discovering their future aspirations and goals.

Northern Star of North Georgia seeks to provide at risk youth, ages 17-21, an opportunity to begin their transition into the role of a self-sufficient adult.  The participants of Northern Star’s Independent Living Program will be supported in a caring, Christian, community supported environment. Youth will be provided with opportunities in furthering education, exploring career interests, strengthening life skills, building life-long relationships, and identifying community resources necessary to transition into independent living.

The Problem:

  • 13% of Georgia’s estimated 14,000 homeless population are youth between the ages of 18 and 24
  • over 500 youth age out of foster care in Georgia every year
  • 50% of the young ladies were pregnant within 12-18 months of leaving foster care
  • Approximately 10,000 youth are supervised by Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice on any given day.

Part of the Solution:   Northern Star’s Life Skills Program                                                     Participants will live on the Northern Star campus while learning the skills necessary to transition into their own apartment in the community. One of the major program goals is to connect youth and young adult members with families and resources in the community in order to give them a sense of lasting family and belonging. The program includes: an on-site mentor, life coach, counselors, volunteers, tutors, volunteer support families, Bible study leaders, and mentors. Services we provide and/or assist with include:

  • obtaining an ID and/or drivers license
  • study skills and tutoring
  • finishing high school
  • enrolling in college or technical programs
  • resume building
  • interviewing for jobs
  • successful job skills
  • community resources
  • religious development
  • participating in community service
  • building lifelong relationships
  • managing money
  • budgeting and saving
  • nutrition and cooking
  • health and dental care
  • family readiness skills

Northern Star fosters a commitment to young people that promotes strong interpersonal skills, decision-making skills, relationship building and self-discipline, and that instills a sense of hope for the future. Only through personal relationships, positive experiences and skill building, can an individual learn the responsibility and dedication needed to follow a successful path to adulthood with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

                                         ILP application for youth

For youth interested in the Independent Living Program, please fill out the application and email to mandywilliams@northernstarga.org